Polymer Dyes

Polymer Dyes are characterized by their solubility in organic solvents or plastics. The molecules of polymer dyes are non-polar (or have a small amount of polarity). This means that the dying process does not take place through ionization (as is the case with other types of colorants like acid dyes). For this reason, Polymer dyes are typically insoluble in water.Solvent dyes are fairly versatile and used in various applications. Polymer is commonly used in various plastics, petrol,hydrocarbons, oils, candles, waxes, automotive,ink and inkjets, wood staining and coating industries.

Oil Yellow R

Solvent Yellow 2

Oil Yellow OPS

Solvent Yellow 12

Yellow S2R

Solvent Yellow 13

Oil Orange R

Solvent Yellow 14

Sudan Yellow

Solvent Yellow 16

Oil Yellow G

Solvent Yellow 18

Quinoline Yellow

Solvent Yellow 33

Waxoline Yellow

Solvent Yellow 34

Fluroscent Yelow R

Solvent Yellow 43

Fluroscent Yellow FGPN

Solvent Yellow 44

Smoke Yellow

Solvent Yellow 56

Yellow 3GLS

Disperse Yellow 64

Oil Yellow GG

Solvent Yellow 72

Oil Yellow GN

Solvent Yellow 93

Fluroscent Yellow 10GYP

Solvent Yellow 98

Yellow 3G

Solvent Yellow 114

Fluroscent Yellow 9GF

Solvent Yellow 145

Lemon Yellow HN

Solvent Yellow 157

Fluroscent Yelllow GN

Solvent Yellow 160:1

Waxoline Yellow 5RP

Solvent Yellow 163

Fluroscent Yellow AA2

Solvent Yellow 172

Fluroscent Yellow 10G

Solvent Yellow 185

Yellow 5GL

Disperse Yellow 241

Fast Orange G

Solvent Orange 1

Oil Orange T

Solvent Orange 2

Chrysodine Base

Solvent Orange 3

Scarlet 2G

Solvent Orange 7

Brilliant Orange PG

Disperse Orange 47

Solvent Orange 3G

Solvent Orange 60

Fluroscent Orange GG

Solvent Orange 63

Solvent Orange 2G

Solvent Orange 86

Orange R

Solvent Orange 105

Oil Orange R

Solvent Orange 107

Brilliant Pink R

Vat Red 1

Smoke Red 2G

Solvent Red 1

Waxol Bordeaux

Solvent Red 4

Oil Scarlet G

Solvent Red 23

Oil Red BB

Solvent Red 24

Sudan Red B

Solvent Red 25

Red B

Solvent Red 27

Fluroscent Red 5B

Vat Red 41

Rhodamine B Base

Solvent Red 49

Solvent Red 5B

Solvent Red 52

Oil Red 111

Solvent Red 111

Red EG

Solvent Red 135

Red FB

Solvent Red 146

Fluroscent Red G

Solvent Red 149

Red 2GP

Solvent Red 179

Red BB

Solvent Red 195

Fluroscent Red BK

Solvent Red 196

Fluroscent Red GK

Solvent Red 197

Fluroscent Pink 5B

Solvent Red 207

Fluroscent Pink B

Solvent Red 242

Magenta B

Vat Violet 3

Methyl Violet Base

Solvent Violet 8

Crystal Violet Base

Solvent Violet 9

Oil Violet B

Solvent Violet 13

Oil Violet 2R

Solvent Violet 14

Violet FRL

Disperse Violet 26

Violet RR

Solvent Violet 31

Oil Violet 3R

Solvent Violet 36

Violet FBL

Solvent Violet 37

Violet BL

Disperse Violet 57

Violet R

Solvent Violet 59

Oil Brown ACI

Solvent Brown 1

Brown RRD

Vat Brown 5

Bismark Brown Base

Solvent Brown 41

Brown R

Solvent Brown 53

Oil Green B

Solvent Green 3

Fluroscent Yellow 8GF

Solvent Green 5

Pyranine Green

Solvent Green 7

Waxoline Green 5G

Solvent Green 20

Green GL

Solvent Green 28

Victoria Blue Base

Solvent Blue 4

Sudan Blue

Solvent Blue 35

Oil Blue A

Solvent Blue 36

Blue 2B

Solvent Blue 104

Blue R

Solvent Blue 122

Blue 2RM

Solvent Blue 128

Oil Black BT

Solvent Black 3

Nigrosin Black

Solvent Black 5

Nigrosine Base

Solvent Black 7

Disclaimer : The Colour tone furnished herein is considered reliable but without guarantee. As Actual dye samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be dyed in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Shades shown on print material and monitors/paper are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.