Cationic Dyes

Cationic Dyes are modified basic dyes and are available in both liquid and powder form. This is a class of synthetic dyes, that act as bases and when made soluble in water, they form a colour cationic salt, which can react with the anionic sites on the surface of the substrate. These dyes produce bright shades with high tinctorial values, on textile materials. This range offers a good selection of dyes to meet the brightness and fastness requirements for a variety of end uses. Suitable appliances are wool, silk, cotton and modified acrylic fibres. Usually acetic acid is added to the dye-bath to help absorb the dye onto the fibre. These dyes are also used in the coloration of paper.

Acrylic Yellow 8GL

Basic Yellow 13

Acrylic Yellow 7GLL

Basic Yellow 21

Acrylic Yellow 7GL

Basic Yellow 24

Acrylic Golden Yellow GL

Basic Yellow 28

Acrylic Yellow 6DL

Basic Yellow 29

Acrylic Flavine Yellow 10GF

Basic Yellow 40

Acrylic Yellow 5GL

Basic Yellow 51

Acrylic Orange G

Basic Orange 21

Acrylic Orange R

Basic Orange 22

Acrylic Yellow Brown 2GL

Basic Orange 30

Acrylic Astra Phoxine

Basic Red 12

Acrylic Pink FG

Basic Red 13

Acrylic Red 4G

Basic Red 14

Acrylic Red GTL

Basic Red 18

Acrylic Red 2GL

Basic Red 29

Acrylic Red GRL

Basic Red 46

Acrylic Brilliant Red G

Basic Red 49

Acrylic Red 2GLN

Basic Red 54

Acrylic Red 6B

Basic Violet 7

Acrylic Red 2B

Basic Violet 16

Acrylic Blue 5G

Basic Blue 3

Acrylic Victoria Blue Rue R

Basic Blue 11

Acrylic Blue GRRL

Basic Blue 41

Acrylic Blue XGRL

Basic Blue 41.1

Acrylic Blue GLK

Basic Blue 54

Acrylic Blue GNX

Basic Blue 159

Acrylic Black FBL

Basic Black Mixture

Disclaimer : The Colour tone furnished herein is considered reliable but without guarantee. As Actual dye samples must be evaluated in a laboratory on medium to be dyed in production for accurate shade and physical property results. Shades shown on print material and monitors/paper are for general reference only as they are inherently inaccurate due to calibration variations and technical limitations of monitors and printers.